Announcing the Bond Bank Infrastructure Loan Database (Beta)

Announcing the Bond Bank Infrastructure Loan Database (Beta)

Winooski, VT (February 5th, 2021) –The Bond Bank released its infrastructure loan database today to help Vermonters better understand the cost, age, and type of their community’s capital assets. Policymakers, planners, and citizens are expected to find this first of its kind infrastructure tool helpful for local and statewide capital planning efforts.

Over the last twenty years, the Bond Bank has helped finance over $1.2 billion in inflation-adjusted infrastructure loans within Vermont. The database is a geographic information system (GIS) populated with loans made by the Bond Bank that provides interactive analysis of these loans.

Currently in a beta version, the database is expected to be expanded in the coming months to include additional loans from partner organizations with the intent of creating a proxy asset inventory for Vermont communities.

Please visit the link below to see the and related technical notes on the inputs and limitations of the data.