Small System Capacity & Resiliency Program

Small System Capacity & Resiliency Program is the result of a $6.8 mm grant to the Bond Bank.

  • Original legislative authorization was to provide grants to small water systems at risk of failure, which was amended following summer 2023 flooding to assist water and wastewater systems
  • The Tier I purpose of the grant is to provide water and wastewater systems with partially forgivable loans, at a 0% interest rate, to bridge FEMA reimbursement or otherwise accelerate rebuilding
  • The Tier II purpose of the grant is to use repayments from loans (from FEMA or state reimbursement) will be used for small systems grants to perform emergency repairs and reduce the risk of system failure
  • Small portion of the original grant may be used to accelerate Tier II work (for discussion)
  • Application criteria will be used to identify systems high ranking in VCI and low in affordability
  • Application will prioritize systems with sound financial planning!
  • Grant will also be used to engage technical assistance providers to prioritize repairs and ensure long term financial sustainability

The Bond Bank will be updating this page over the coming month with details on the SCRP. Please reach out to or to discuss potential uses of the program.