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Financial Benchmark Assessment Analysis

The Financial Benchmark Assessment analysis depicts the real ratios of a medium sized town reviewed by the Bond Bank. This sample analysis provides insight into how communities can use Bond Bank medians effectively. 

The sample community has a population between 5,000 and 10,000. Its general fund operating budget is just under $12,000,000 and operates several enterprise funds including water and wastewater. Additionally, this community has sought financing through Bond Bank’s pooled loan program as well as the State Revolving Funds.

In this sample community, using actual figures from their annual audit, Bond Bank evaluated the community’s general fund and two enterprise funds (water and sewer) debt profiles, however, only the water fund is highlighted in the summary.

In this example, observation of strengths and weaknesses are made as they relate to the data presented and are not the result of conversations with the community. In the future, preliminary results will be shared with the community, feedback requested, and comments updated to reflect that feedback, if necessary. The result will be provided to the community as a planning tool.

If your community would like to have a Financial Benchmark Assessment completed, please contact Ashley Lucht, Director of Capital Planning, at or 802.861.0074 to get started.